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DAVIS 8 ONCOLOGY NURSES | 5 sticker pack

    Five 4.25x3 inch stickers
    ORDER DEADLINE: June 13th 
    *will be ready for pickup late-June*  They will NOT ship to your shipping address.
    These are only for UC Davis 8 nurses! Hence the $1000 shipping unless you get the code to pick up from Jenae ;)
    The 8th floor of UC Davis Medical Center is where Catch Some Air was born. We were always trying to think of happy things to do while Kristine was going through cancer treatment, and we eventually started bringing white shirts to the hospital and coloring positive reminders on them! The Davis 8 staff are all incredible and always made us happy. We entered their floor thinking Kristine might die. We left their floor with new family, new dreams, new purpose, and new LIFE. (Plus this clothing brand that helps kids with cancer stay happy when they feel crappy :)
    Kristine Tesauro.