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Supporters (but really more like family :)

You may wonder how two little girls in a hospital started all this. It is with the help of people and the businesses below. All throughout this process people have come along side us and encouraged, inspired, taught, and helped us. Without them, we would not be where we are today, and would not have had the courage to keep moving forward.
The following are businesses who, on a continual basis, support what we do to help kids with cancer stay happy when they feel crappy. If you need the following services, use them because they rock! (Or if you have a business that wants to be involved and support this cause, Message us here!)

New Supporter Spotlight!


Nothing gives us more security & peace of mind than 1Password! We're so secure we don't even know our passwords & that's how we like it.

UC Davis Medical Center

Best hospital ever! They pretty much saved our Co-founder Kristine's life. If you need anything like that done, highly recommended :) 

Wanberg Media Arts

Have you seen our video? That is all the explanation needed. Nils is the best there is out there on not only capturing a story, but the heart.

Feel Alive

Our favorite on camera personality, TV host, actor, model, best haired, storytelling genius. We call him Scary Gary...that's another story! 

Sydney Highley, CPA

Sydney saved us! The "Good, Nice, Business Accountant" of our dreams. Literally. He's all that & more! Incredible guy, incredible firm.


Like by magic we found Andrea at TEEacher who taught us everything about building our clothing brand. BEST course, & even better people! 

Sticker Junkie

Only the best stickers out there! For real, the actual best quality. Been supplying us with all our happy stickers from day one!

Fasteners Inc Tool Outlet

Need tools? These are your guys! Lower prices than big box stores, & they ship! They also sponsor all our shirt storage and office needs :) 

Industry Lift

Sometimes awesome people just help with awesome things! Also, the most awesome place to learn about the steel industry if you're into that.

Smith, McDowell & Powell

Starting new things gets complicated. We're SO thankful to have Jaclyn watching our back! She has just as much heart as legal knowledge. 

SkyDance Skydiving

Skydiving: first adventure we did to celebrate Kristine finishing treatment! We got hooked, & now they help us take others with cancer too! 

Yolo Ballooning

We just love hot air balloons! It has been a dream of ours to take more kids with cancer on them, & this awesome company helps with that!

Sky Drifters Ballooning

It was when they took us on our first balloon ride we realized...dreams really can come true. Now they help us take kids with cancer flying too!

Fresh Homes NorCal

Fresh has been helping us since the hand drawn t-shirt days. (Seriously, if you got an original back then, Mike might have helped color it!). 

iFly Sacramento

We fell in love with skydiving after we went to celebrate Kristine finishing treatment. Now we're able to share it with kids through indoor skydiving!

Loox Reviews

See all those bright shiny 5 star reviews from our happy customers?! Loox helps us get those! And more reviews, means more helping kids.


Keeping our files safe & accessible wherever we go. Which helps 'cause we're always going! They gave us a tour of their cool offices too!