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#8 on the DREAM LIST

Best trip ever!! We were able to take 4 other families with kids battling cancer who we were treated with on a group trip to Disneyland for a few days! It was so awesome. To see all those kids (some of which had only seen each other in the hospital previously) outside the hospital for a few days of fun, was incredible.

Most people can’t tell from the smiles on their faces, but the reality is, these kids (and their amazing families) have it tough. One of them was in a wheelchair a lot of the time because some of the bones have started to die as a side effect of chemo treatment. One kid was limping due to a small fracture in the foot (possible side effect from the chemo). One kids was doing pretty good thankfully. And one kid has terminal cancer, which we're still hoping and praying for cure. All on top of just the normal nausea, faintness, and challenges chemo has.

But despite all that, they all had a blast being able to be kids and do what kids do for a few days. To carry those kids and their awesome siblings through the park on our backs (voted #2 favorite ride at Disneyland!), to capture and record those smiles and make happy memories for them, was both humbling and one of the best parts of our year.

You made that happen through buying our shirts and supporting all we do for kids with cancer. We can’t thank you all enough! Enjoy the video recap (most of which was recorded by the kids...don't get dizzy! ;) 


- Kristine & Brianna Tesauro
AKA: The Rocket Girls

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