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#76 on the DREAM LIST

Sydney Highley is the *amazing* CPA we get to thank for checking this one off the list! You might think finding an accountant is a weird item for a Dream List, but let us just give you a bit of background here:

If you've seen our story, you know we started Catch Some Air by drawing happy things on our old t-shirts with sharpies in the hospital during Kristine's cancer treatment. It was just fun, gave us something to do, and kept us positive. Soon we started giving them to other kids in the hospital, and our friends wanted them too. Our doctor suggested we sell them as well. 

Our little hobby slowly but surely started to become an actual business where we used profit to help other kids going through cancer treatment stay happy too. 

But our main focus during that time, was to keep Kristine alive, and to stay happy. You can't fully know what cancer treatment is like unless you've walked through it. Things were hard...really hard. There were times Kristine almost didn't make it, times she couldn't eat for weeks, was coughing up blood, couldn't even walk or lift an arm.

As you can imagine, the last thing we wanted to do during this time, was figure out accounting and taxes for the brand we now had. It seemed like a very big and daunting task. Honestly, if we had tried to learn all those hard parts of business during the time, we probably would have just quit because anything that added more stress, we avoided at any cost. We figured: if Kristine did make it through cancer and we're still around in a couple years, we will catch up on everything then.

Well, it's been a couple years now and we ARE still around and Kristine is doing great! So, it was time to take care of business. Now losing another sibling to cancer wasn't stressing us out anymore...but being so behind on our filings was!

We started asking around our original office (AKA: UC Davis Children's Hospital), and Charlie Albertalli, the director of the Children's Miracle Network at UCD, connected us with Sydney Highley CPA. DREAM COME TRUE! Sydney, Laura, and his whole firm have been so kind, helpful, and they really know what they're doing. We were afraid we'd be in some big trouble with putting things off for those years, but ended up owing about 50x less than what we were nervously mentally preparing for. SO glad we had a professional's help.

We are so grateful to have a good, nice, honest, trustworthy accountant who has our backs, and more importantly, is helping us help more kids with cancer stay happy when they feel crappy :)

Thank you Sydney Highley Accounting Firm!

If anyone needs a good accountant, Syd is good people! ;)

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- Kristine & Brianna Tesauro
AKA: The Rocket Girls