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This took place when we were invited to be on Good Day Sacramento to show some of our T-shirts and share a little bit of our story, as well as dreams #14 and #8 that we were working on checking off the list! It was our first time on live TV! We had no clue it was happening, but all of a sudden, a live video feed of a parrot shows up on the screen behind us. Bonnie from the Sacramento Parrot Rescue had been trying to teach one of the parrots to say "go catch some air" all week! Sooo sweet! Apparently, it is really hard to teach parrots to say things! It takes a long time, and even then, they usually just pick up whatever they like from conversation. This particular parrot decided he didn't like the word "catch," and switched it to "grab air" instead. That works for us! Well done, Mr. parrot! SOOOO COOL!! 

Good Day Sacramento had also arranged for us to go to the parrot rescue and meet the parrot ourselves! So, a couple days later we got to meet all the parrots and hear the infamous "GRAB AIR" in person! That is now the bird's favorite saying! Hahah :D 

Thank you so much Marianne from Good Day Sacramento for such a fun and awesome surprise, and the Sacramento Parrot Rescue, for letting us play with all of your parrots!! You all are the sweetest. It was such a fantastic day! There are many parrots that need a home - so if you want one, be sure to contact the Sacramento Parrot Rescue :) Thanks!

- The Rocket Girls

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