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#52 on the DREAM LIST

It was our nephew, Jason's 6th birthday. So, for a present we obviously gave him a t-shirt, but the extra surprise was also a train ride/sleepover in Sacramento with his two awesome aunts! He has always loved trains, so we took him to the California State Railroad Museum, where we got to walk through all the old trains they have exhibited. We'll never know if he was in such awe of all the cool locomotives that he just couldn't find the words or facial expressions to express it, silently taking it all in, or if he was just not that impressed and outgrew his train phase! We're going to go with the first one :). After the museum we went on one of the excursion train rides in Old Sacramento, which Uncle Josh joined us for! He barely made it too. The train engineer actually held up the whole train ride for us and waited for him! Hahaha! Huge thanks California State Railroad Museum!

We also took Jason to a picnic at the park that day, where we shot rockets with some of our favorite kids battling cancer. That was actually his favorite part of the day - and rightly so! It was ours too. <3

Overall, the trip was a success!

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