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#47 on the DREAM LIST

That’s right folks, you know that super funny looking winter Olympic sport you always wonder “how did this make it to the Olympics?” WELL WE GOT TO DO THAT!! And let me tell you, it’s pretty darn fun! You start with a nice, graceful lunge on the ice, while simultaneously releasing a very large stone to slide across the ice. After the lunge your teammates take over with the sweeping! We had to tap into our inner yellers with this one… apparently one of the team members has to stand all the way on the opposite end of the ice rink and shout “SWEEP” as loud as they can over and over until that person decides enough sweeping was done, because the ice is super clean.

Just kidding, you don’t really need to clean the ice. But you do need to smooth it out so your stone can roll a little bit farther, so it can hit one of those colored rings and score some points! See, we totally know how to play now! I gotta say, those people in the Olympics got some mad ice sweeping skills. Anyway, we had tons of fun trying out this sport and SO much fun with our friends who brought us! Thanks again Nick and Valerie for taking us on this fun adventure!! We love it!!

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- Kristine & Brianna Tesauro
AKA: The Rocket Girls