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#36 on the DREAM LIST

Gary Hurt! Our first super fan friend who we had no connection to at all! He found us on Instagram and ended up buying our Catch Some Air shirts. He then proceeded to go on a posting/tagging rampage about us! He was super funny, and it made us super happy.

We wanted to meet this funny, random, well dressed, middle aged, man stranger who talked so highly of us. When we went on a road trip that would put us near his hood, we set up a time to meet! And we were thrilled when he didn't throw us in a scary van or lock us in a basement! The candy was really good too. 

But for real, Gary is awesome! He has great hair too. And he's doing really cool things with Feel Alive. Gary is like an older brother now, and he helped us share our story with the world through an AMAZING video he made happen. We owe a lot to this guy! Not that he'd ever take anything from us. Heart of gold this one.

Oh, and whenever we say his name, it sounds like this (fast forward to one minute). He doesn't know that - and we hope it doesn't offend him. For some reason talking about meeting a middle aged man stranger who we met off the internet combined with that creepy voice made us laugh at ourselves a lot. Such a fun experience and we love how Catch Some Air is connecting us with such cool people. Thanks for all the laughs, encouragement, good vibes, and love, GG G GAAAAARY! :)


- The Rocket Girls

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