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#35 on the DREAM LIST

Okay, so I guess *sleeping* in the middle of Death Valley wasn't exactly on our dream list. But we did want to see it (sleeping there just sounds so much more exciting doesn't it?). It was March 23, 2016. Kristine had just hit maintenance in her cancer treatment plan - which meant we had a whole two week break from chemo at the hospital, and she was starting to feel a lot better! Which also meant VACATION TIME! First one since she had been diagnosed a year earlier. We started the trip at the hospital to get her blood work done, and hung out, gave shirts, and shot rockets with our kids there. Seeing our heroes at the hospital always makes us happy, and it was the best start to our trip. After that it was kinda late in the evening to leave for a road trip. We thought about staying the night and leaving in the morning but figured - heck - WE'RE FREE! And we were off.

We were actually on our way to experience #13 on our Dream List and figured, hey! Death Valley is right on the way! (Sort of ironic that that was the first place we went after a year of deathly intense cancer treatment). Anyway, we landed ourselves in the middle of Death the middle of the night. Sorta creepy! But fun. We did want to actually see some of it, so we parked at a weird little deserted looking lodge thing and slept in the car. The sun rose, we saw Death Valley (the other half anyway), we rolled in sand dunes. It was great!

- Kristine & Brianna Tesauro
AKA: The Rocket Girls

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