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#33 on the DREAM LIST

Honestly it took us a couple days to recover from the amazingness of this dream and the events surrounding it. First of all, our middle aged man stranger Gary (see #36 on the Dream List), who we need to come up with another name for because he's no longer a scary stranger, and his friend Nils from Southern California, came up to Sacramento because they wanted to make a video on our story! They figured they'd come a day early and surprise us with an adventure. So, without knowing where we were going, Kristine and I hopped in these strangers car, and we were off! (Don't worry, we brought our little brother Josh for backup just in case...and our Greek Mom in Sacramento made them come to her house for breakfast before they took us to assess the sketchyness of the situation. Greek Mom approved!).

We ended up at a car rental place, and Gary handed us the keys to a shiny red convertible!! We were off to the coast to drive Highway 1! And we were excited Josh came with us on this adventure! Best little bro ever. So much fun! We got lost a couple times because with the top down, we couldn't hear the GPS or Josh giving us directions from the back seat, but getting lost took us across the Golden Gate Bridge - so that was awesome too! And we totally felt like the cool kids driving along the coast! We met up with our new best buds Gary and Nils after awhile, had some massive burgers, did some filming, and almost froze at Marin Headlands overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge! Fun was had by all.

We kept the convertible another day because our cancer kicking hero Super Fritz and his best big brother Payne always ask to ride in our car when we visit. Although my old beat up 1997 station wagon would work...we thought taking 'em for a spin in the convertible would be much more exciting. :)

The day was also filled with more recording, a spinal tap and chemo, and getting tackled and shot with rockets at the hospital by our other hero Taylor! The whole video thing was a God send, and we will tell more about that when it is complete.

Thanks so much Gary, from Feel Alive, and Nils, from Wanberg Media Arts, for making #33 on our Dream List come true, and making lots of other fun things happen too! Again, one of our favorite parts of all these dreams is our growing family - and we're so happy and honored that these guys jumped in!

- The Rocket Girls

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