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#31 on the DREAM LIST

Big Sur State Park is one of those places we'd see amaaazing pictures of and want to go to...but just never took the time to do it on our own. Well, Lan, one of our super cool nurses, randomly invited us to go there with her (yet another example of how dreams just started happening for us - this was before we had published this list, and I don't think anyone knew we even wanted to go there).

It was so beautiful and we had such a great time. Plus, it's always fun hanging out with our nurses and hospital buddies outside of the hospital too. They really have become like family during this long cancer treatment process - and we love them! <3 Lan, thanks for being a pro adventurer, bringing us on yours, and inspiring us to go on more. Oh, and more importantly, thanks for saving Kristine's and so many others' lives. Nurses rock!


- The Rocket Girls

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