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April 12, 2016

#26 on the DREAM LIST

So, this dream was a big one for me (Brianna), and for Kristine, it was something she thought would be fun but never thought it would happen. I ran businesses since I was in diapers, but they weren't something I loved and wanted to do long-term until Catch Some Air came along (although wiping butts did pay well for a 7 year old). Actually, I started as a thief, moved on to a hustler, became a sheisty dealer, graduated to a trusted detective, matured to a responsible service provider, and now have arrived at the peak of social entrepreneurship.

Brianna the Thief

I don't remember this, but my family says when I was still crawling around and in diapers, I would climb up on my dad's desk, open his wallet, and take only the credit cards and cash. This was the start of my professional career.

Brianna the Hustler

When I was a little older - around 4, my grandpa would offer to pay me a quarter to sing funny things to my uncle. I wouldn't let out a peep until I got two quarters.

Brianna the Sheister

At the ripe old age of 7, my mom would pay me a dollar to wipe Kristine's butt after she pooped. I guess I thought I should maximize my earnings on this poop job. Once I was finished, I privately told my dad that mom said she would pay me a dollar for completing the job. He gave me a dollar. I then found mom, and informed her that the duty was done. And what do you know - she gave me a dollar! ;)

Brianna the Detective

At 8 years old, I joined forces with my brother, Jason. Growing up in a family of eight kids, things disappeared a lot. So, we started a detective agency. Twenty-five cents for anything people wanted us to find. We ran a very trusted operation - had business cards and everything. Made bank.

Brianna the Service Provider

From age 12-24, I ran many gigs. Babysitting, cleaning, designing, coding, and subleasing (I also volunteered with non-profits, interned, and even worked a couple years for The Man in that time period...haven't we all?)

Brianna the Social Entrepreneur

At age 25, mine and Kristine's first legit business, Catch Some Air, was born. We weren't really looking for it - it found us. It started in a hospital out of the necessity to stay happy during Kristine's treatment, and keep our brains from being fried, but then it grew into a business we absolutely love. It's something we've found purpose in, and something we want to do forever. Basically, we found a way to hang out with our heroes (cancer kicking warrior kids) all the time and make them smile. Best thing ever!


- Brianna Tesauro (the sister who does everything else)

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