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#20 on the DREAM LIST

This dream might sound cliché - but it's for real. Although this is something we'll continue to do until cancer doesn't exist, we marked it as fulfilled because in a way it is...

Cancer treatment is so so hard to go through. Like you really can't even imagine or understand how hard unless you've been through it. Yes, we want to make loooooots of kids fighting cancer smile and help them stay happy during the crazy hard treatment process. However, even if we can make just ONE of these kids smile, just ONE day better because we showed up or because they got a funny shirt, just ONE hospital visit less scary, all of this will have been worth it. And we've done that. We can honestly say that we could die tomorrow feeling that we've lived a fulfilled life - knowing that we've made a difference in the world.

When we hang out with our little buddies - either at the hospital, around town, or at their homes - we feel like the luckiest girls. We get to make our heroes smile, laugh, and have fun. It is seriously our favorite - and one of the most rewarding things on earth.


- The Rocket Girls (some of our little buddies gave us this nickname because we bring rockets to shoot with them in the hospital. In love.)

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