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#2 on the DREAM LIST

Yep...Kristine went and got a baby named after her. She pulled her cancer card on our older sister and brother-in-law, scoring her the middle name of our latest niece! Olivia Kristine Solly. Gotta make cancer good for something! Kristine was actually going to be there for the birth too - but she stepped out of the room for a second and missed it. ...All for a piece of toast. Bahaha

But this dream is only partially fulfilled because I (Brianna) am still trying to pass my name down to a well-deserved child. If anyone is interested, let me know. I don't have the cancer card to pull - but ahh...I have some really cool t-shirts I can hook Mini Brianna up with.

And if all else fails, Kristine promised me she would name one of her kids after me if she ever has any. I'm just gonna leave that here so she doesn't forget... ;)


- Brianna Tesauro (the sister who does everything else)

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