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#19 on the DREAM LIST

Again...MIND BLOWN with these dreams! One day we were at an event selling t-shirts to raise more money to take 4 families with kids battling cancer to Disneyland...and the next, we were On Air with Ryan Seacrest!! WHAAAT!!?

Honestly, we figured the first famous person to wear one of our shirts and share our story would be really small scale famous - because we just have no connection to such people! Never would we have imagined that THE RYAN SEACREST would be first to rep a Catch Some Air tee and share our story!  And because of all the publicity before the Disneyland trip and Ryan's awesome listeners hearing our story and buying shirts - we were able to take not four...but TEN families to Disneyland! Amazing trip.

SO crazy! But you know...after seeing all the amazing work Ryan does for kids in hospitals through his foundation - it just makes sense, and we're so happy such a great guy like Ryan was the first! 

Another super awesome part about this, was on our way down to Disneyland, we got to stop by the On Air with Ryan Seacrest studio! We had the best time meeting the producers and co-hosts. All the sweetest people ever, and made us feel like family.

Thank you so much Ryan for making our dreams come true and helping kids with cancer stay happy when they feel crappy! And huge thanks to all the awesome producers, co-hosts and Mary from Pismo, for making this all possible. Erica, Mark, Samantha, Tanya, Sisanie, Patty, Brett - you all rock, are the sweetest, and we can't wait to have another excuse to come back to the studio and see you again ;)

(This dream and #106 go together...he checked off TWO!)

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- Kristine & Brianna Tesauro
AKA: The Rocket Girls


P.S. Always up for repeats of this dream if you know others who might want to help kids with cancer and share ;)