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#16 on the DREAM LIST

Basketball has always been our favorite sport. We've played it since we were in diapers (thanks Dad!) and all the way up through high school. I (Brianna) almost played in college, but chose to focus on other things instead. Anyway, we had never been to a pro game before this year.

It was Christmas 2015, and it had been a really hard last couple months of chemo treatment for Kristine. Josh, the BEST little brother on the planet, surprised us with tickets for a Sacramento Kings vs Chicago Bulls game!!! We just hoped Kristine would feel well enough to go on game day because she was in a rough phase of treatment (always good to have things to look forward to during the hard times though). Game day came, her counts were low, and she had been pretty tired, so usually not the best time to go to a stadium full of people and germs (the fact that she would never wear her mask also made this sister a little nervous too). But she was not going to let this adventure pass her by. We had a blast!

We actually showed up in our Chicago Bulls gear since we grew up there during the Michael Jordan era - they hold a special place in our hearts. Well, someone we knew told the Sacramento Kings we were at their home stadium and the cheerleaders tracked us down to give us Kings t-shirts and bags full of Kings gear. It was so sweet! The people behind us threatened to take away our new toys since we were obviously Bulls fans decked out in red. I (Brianna) had no problem cheering for both teams, however. I put my new gear on right away and converted to a Kings fan for the rest of the game. I've got #SacramentoProud in me! (Especially since Sacramento has become like a second home during treatment). Such a fun night! 

Josh, again, did we mention you're the best?? Okay, we kinda say that about a lot of things...but you're the better than best, bester, bestest, betterest, bestiest, bestiesest little bro ever. We love you.


- Brianna Tesauro (the sister who does everything else)


Update: we have since moved to Sacramento and have fully converted to die-hard Kings fans. It's so fun having a home team! Go Kings!

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