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#15 on the DREAM LIST

Believe it or not, moving to Sacramento was not always a dream of ours. For almost the first two years of Kristine's treatment, we drove 2.5 hours from home to get to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. It was a lot of driving, but we were fine with it - until our hearts moved down there. As we grew Catch Some Air and were getting to know more kids battling cancer, we really wanted to be closer so we could visit the kids/families more and be able to support them better. We really love that part of what we do, so we made up our minds...we were going to move! How? We had no clue...

At home we had a lot of help. Ever since Kristine was diagnosed, we both stopped working to get through treatment. We moved in rent free with our grandparents, had our parents fridge right down the road we could always raid, and a friend let us use an office/storage for Catch Some Air. Leaving all that to move to Sacramento - with no steady income - was a bit scary. Yes, we're running Catch Some Air and sell a lot of t-shirts, but first year(s) of business has been putting all profit right back into the company to grow it, using it for the kids, and paying back what we borrowed to start it all. However, we knew we were doing what we were made to do, and somehow it would work. It always does! So we waited for the right doors to open...

First thing we needed was a place to live. Our brother Josh was planning to open/manage a new branch for the store he worked at. The location wasn't decided, but we hoped and prayed it would be in Sacramento because we thought it would be fun to live with our bro again! A few months later, they found a warehouse in Sacramento, and our bro, his co-worker/friend and us all moved together! The townhouse we found was perfect too - in Midtown (where all the cool kids live), and only 1.5 miles from the hospital. Exactly where we wanted to be!

But what about Catch Some Air? And where were we going to put all those shirts? Well, the owner of this new store our brother manages heard how we used our super powers to get them to open shop in Sacramento, and they let us use a huge office in their building! Yep. Our jaw still drops just thinking about it.

It blows our mind how perfectly everything worked out. But that's how life should be right? You just keep moving forward, and when you do what you're meant to do, the rest will fall into place.

HUGE thanks to Fasteners Inc and our bro for helping to make this dream reality!


- The Rocket Girls

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