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August 27, 2017

#14 on the DREAM LIST

Wow...this was one of the best days of our lives! We've been in a daze of all the amazingness of this dream...and don't even know where to start! So we'll just begin...at the beginning: Meet Valerie and Nicholas Armstrong in the picture above - the couple falling from 13,000ft in the air with Kristine and Ellen DeGeneres. (#CatchSomeAirEllen)

After seeing our video that Gary Hurt and Nils Wanberg made, Valerie - being the crazy awesome badass skydiving nurse that she is, thought she'd check out our Dream List and see if skydiving was on it. Sure enough, it was #14!! She reached out and offered to help us check this one off the list - and even turn it into our "End of Chemo Skydive Party" at SkyDance SkyDiving! Of course we took her up on that!

The whole day was insanely cool! A little backstory: Kristine had been planning to go skydiving with her friend since they were 15 years old. However, when Kristine was diagnosed with leukemia, her doctors said she had to wait until after treatment to do it. It was a tough wait, and we (Brianna and Kristine) even had to turn down a free jump from some sweet Canadians (hardest thing ever!). But the day finally came, Kristine finished treatment, and of course we invited all our friends, family, and Good Day Sacramento even invited the public to join the party! 

We had several of our friends, family, nurses, hospital staff, Ellen DeGeneres, and even our doctor jump with us! (Yes! ...we thought she was joking at first, but she was right there in the plane with us, and we have the footage to prove it!). Our hero Taylor Lee's Lemonade Stand was there, and Gary Hurt and Nils Wanberg even came up from SoCal to document the occasion! We can't even describe how cool it was to have so many of our favorite people, the people who got us through this 2.5 year battle with cancer, all in one place having fun, meeting each other, and jumping out of airplanes together. COOLEST. THING. EVER.

We will never forget this day, and others won't either! We had over 20 people jump - most for the first time, and many more who were there just to watch. Skydiving was on so many other peoples lists of things to do...and this event inspired them to actually do it! So that was super cool to see that it wasn't just us checking a dream off our list - but lots of people checking it off theirs too! One person even said the experience changed their life. Just humbled, and in awe, and so thankful for everything and everyone who joined in.

We fell in love with the sky this day, and it has already inspired several other dreams. We're coming up with ideas on how we can incorporate helping kids battling cancer fly into what Catch Some Air does! We're thinking for the kids step 1) beat cancer 2) turn eighteen 3) go skydiving with Catch Some Air! And we're testing out some other ideas we can do for before they turn eighteen :)  But seriously...there is nothing in the world like flying. It really was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives, and we recommend everyone do it at least once. 

Anyway, back to Valerie, who not only set this perfect day up, but she also paid for all of Kristine's video footage and Brianna's jump, and SkyDance covered Kristine's jump! The whole crew at SkyDance and their community there is amazing. Valerie also jumped out of a plane with our BFF Ellen DeGeneres (no easy feat!) because, well, Ellen just insists on doing EVERYTHING with us. She single-handedly almost cleared us out of t-shirts, and donated more to our fund to take some kids battling cancer to Disneyland - which we were raising money for at the event! But all that isn't even the best part: Through all our dreams and adventures, our very favorite part is the people we meet along the way. And yesterday, we gained some more family (seriously...they already agreed to adopt us!). We love you Valerie and Nick, and the whole SkyDance crew!❤️ We will be back for sure!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Until next time.... go Catch Some Air!

- The Rocket Girls

P.S. Videos of the jumps and story coming soon! :)

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