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We've been super busy since our last post. Here are the main points and you can read the details below if you'd like:

  1. Kristine started chemo maintenance.
  2. We remade our website.
  3. Catch Some Air was featured on UC Davis Health System.

Chemo Maintenance

The last three months were pretty hellish treatment wise. The hardest of Kristine's life as you may have read in another blog or saw on our social media. She is doing much, much better now though. Thank you all for your prayers, gifts, good thoughts and vibes, and t-shirt orders during that time! We really appreciate it - makes this whole process so much better.

As of February 12th, Kristine officially started chemo maintenance! That doesn't mean she's done - far from it. It DOES means it should get easier, and her hair should start to grow back...and hopefully stay (lately her hair has been playing tricks on her - we call it cat hair because it grows to about that length, and then sheds all over everything). Now Kristine will have spinal taps and/or chemotherapy once a month at the hospital and will be on chemo pills everyday until July, 2017. So, there's a long road ahead but we hope to do a lot more fun things now that Kristine is starting to feel better. We're planning on doing more fun stuff in the Cancer Center at UC Davis Medical Center, and maaaybe take a road trip to Disneyland soon (if her counts are high enough and allow it).

New Website

Since all of you guys are so awesome, love our stuff, and actually buy it, we realized we needed a better online store system. So, we upgraded! We also heard that some of you weren't too fond of Paypal, so we've added another form of payment to this new site. Thanks for your input - we listen and it really helps!

Featured on UC Davis

Our hospital is so, so cool. We really love those guys and are so stinkin' blessed to be at UC Davis. Not only are they saving Kristine's life, but they believed in us right from the start, when we were just two girls in a hospital with some sharpies, white t-shirts, and a big dream. We just showed up for Kristine's normal treatment one day and were told someone was going to come by to get Kristine's story. Then this awesomeness happened. (Kristine sounds a little nasally in the video because she had a cold and had just woken up from being pumped full of chemo and benadryl).


Anyway, thanks for reading our yakking. Now that Kristine's feeling good and we're getting more into a flow, we're ready to take on the world one happy t-shirt at a time. BRING IT ON!