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All designs are created by a leukemia patient and her sister. Shirts are either funny, punny, or inspirational. Or sometimes all three combined (something had to keep us happy during chemo treatment!) So, have an egg, and pick your style.


We are women ourselves. Sisters actually. And we rule (at least we’d like to think so).


Just kidding. Well, not really. You do. But girls drool too…so we’re even.


And no, you’re not shopping for small children – only their clothing.


We give our happy shirts and other happy things to kids with cancer. Help us!

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Our goal is to help kids with cancer STAY HAPPY when they feel crappy. So we give 'em our fun shirts, other fun things, and fun events. (It's our favorite, favorite, favorite thing ever - check it out!)


Dying to know how all this amazingness started? ...by almost dying. Plot twist. Dun dun duuuun..
Nooooow this is a story...

...all about how
our lives got flipped-turned upside down
and we'd like to take a minute
just sit right there
we'll tell you how we became the owners of a business called Catch Some Air
(Fresh Prince anyone?)
(read more...)

  • kristine is diagnosed with Leukemia

    Super lame. She was two days away from death. Low energy. Couldn't do much.

  • bri hangs out in hospitals with her

    Two goals: make sure Kristine doesn't die, and make the process more fun.

  • they both could use a dose of happy

    Got super bored. Started coloring fun happy things. Put fun happy things on shirts.

  • 'catch some air' is created

    The designs made us happy. We wanted to help other kids with cancer stay happy during treatment too.

Client Client Client Client Client

executive sticks

This is a family run business and all products are designed, approved, and funded by the wacky kids below. Don't worry, we're all over 18, born in the USA, and aren't breaking any child labor laws.
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Brianna Tesauro

COETAATS: Chief Of Executive Things And All Techy Stuff
She defines the curves of all the cute creatures. Also, the mastermind genius behind everything. If it weren’t for her, nothing would ever get done. Except for lots of coloring.
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Kristine Tesauro

COCAACCD: Chief Of Coloring And All Cute Creature Design
Kristine is pretty awesome. Can’t lie. Also, the one kicking leukemia’s butt. She’s a champ! And totally rocks the bald head. She makes a living now by coloring…but only when she feels like it. #bestjobever
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Josh Tesauro

COBCAOPB: Chief Of Being Cool And Our Personal Bank
Josh! The baby of the family and coolest kid there is. We seriously just put our shirts on him and they sell. Also, our little money bags. Wouldn’t have been able to start without this kid! Thanks bro!

Tall Tale Testimonials

All shirts are WRAP certified and printed in the USA. Which means materials we use are sweat shop and child labor free. Our goal is to make kids happy...not force them to sew our clothes.

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