Catch Some Air

CHUCKLE GUARANTEE: if you don't laugh or smile - you get a FREE TEE!

Our Design

Build your own shirt! Entirely handmade with custom designs, cuts, colors, and witty phrases. So, have an egg, and pick your style.
Fine Design

You’ll be looking fine like it’s a crime. All of our designs are hand drawn from images in our minds…and with some inspiration from google at times. Now stop with the rhymes.

Chop Shop

Choose a cut, or don’t cut it at all. Girls can wear all styles (I do!) and guys…I’d recommend sticking with the muscle tees and plain tees. But hey, whatever fits your fancy.

other color

We like colors! And I highly dislike it when I like a shirt, but the color stinks. So, no longer are you confined to the pre-printed colors of this world! Pick your own color and own it.

fun pun

Okay, fine. We know we’re weird and maybe some of you don’t want our witty phrases, puns, or words. Take ’em or leave ’em. But don’t come back whinin’ cause we ain’t sharing our cheese.

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Our goal is to give free t-shirts to ALL pediatric cancer patients in the USA.
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Dying to know how all this amazingness started? almost dying. Plot twist. Dun dun duuuun..
this is a

...all about how
our lives got flipped-turned upside down
and we'd like to take a minute
just sit right there
we'll tell you how we became the owners of a business called Catch Some Air
(Fresh Prince anyone?)
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  • kristine is diagnosed with Leukemia

    Super lame. She was two days away from death. Low energy. Couldn't do much.

  • brianna is turning couch potato

    She sat and watched a LOT of tv with Kristine during treatment. No muscle = no bueno.

  • bri needs cool shirts, kristine can draw

    To keep from potato status, Bri goes to gym. But shirts were boring, so Kristine designed one.

  • 'catch some air' is created

    Soon, all our friends wanted our shirts. Making them passes the time during chemo, and it's fun!

Client Client Client Client Client

executive sticks

This is a family run business and all products are created and approved by the wacky kids below.
Don't worry, we're all over 18 and aren't breaking any child labor laws.
Brianna Tesauro
COETAATS: Chief Of Executive Things And All Techy Stuff
She defines the curves of all the cute creatures. Also, the mastermind genius behind everything. If it weren’t for her, nothing would ever get done. Except coloring. Oh, and she’s the only one with a Twitter. Not that she uses it or anything.
Kristine Tesauro
COCAACCD: Chief Of Coloring And All Cute Creature Design
Kristine is pretty awesome. Can’t lie. Also the one kicking leukemia’s butt. She’s a champ! And totally rocks the bald head. She makes a living now by coloring…but only when she feels like it. #bestjobever
Janaye Tesauro
COALPAS: Chief Of Assembly Lines, Packaging And Shipping
Technically, she doesn’t know she has this job. But we will be drafting her soon. These shirts don’t ship themselves! Janaye is the best though. Everyone loves her, and she has the quickest hands in the west.
Josh Tesauro
COBCAGFTBS: Chief Of Being Cool And Getting Friends To Buy Stuff
Joshy Josh. The baby of the family and coolest kid there is. We seriously just put our shirts on him and they sell. We had our first order before we even decided to sell them.

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